Proudest Achievement


We take great pride in connecting people to their dream homes. But we take greater pride in connecting families with each other.

That’s why we created a most unusual website: It’s dedicated to putting broken families back together–families that struggle with the sexual orientation of their children.

The site has generated over 8 million hits and over 5,000 emails (all of which we’ve answered personally). It’s been profiled locally by The Atlanta Constitution and nationally by CNN, The Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times and dozens of smaller papers. In addition, the site has been featured by celebrities (Ellen DeGeneres’ mom, author Andrew Sullivan) and organizations like the Human Rights Campaign.

If you or someone you know is dealing with this issue, please visit the site. We hope that in some small way it can help heal the hurt.

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We combine over 40 years of experience with a background in marketing. Together we combine the knowledge, sales experience, and marketing technology to sell your luxury home, or find your next one.

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